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Our Roots

Wine Club Canada was built on the knowledge that Canadian wine is among the best in the world. Our website is a wine lover's haven filled with outstanding, award-winning, and VQA wines from all across the country. Our Wine of the Month Club gives Canadians the exclusive opportunity to easily explore and taste the fabulous wines produced in our great country. We hope you fall in love with Canadian wine just as much as we have!

Wine Experts

All wines featured in our club are tasted and approved by our panel of renowned wine critics and judges in the Canadian and international wine scenes. All have dedicated their lives to the art of wine; they are award-winning authors and writers, educators, and enthusiastic ambassadors for all things wine. We’re thrilled to have these wine industry greats on the Wine Club Canada team!

The Wine Club

We seek out the top wineries across Canada and work closely with them and our team of Wine Experts to curate a selection of their best wines each month for you. All wines are tasted, rated, and reviewed by our panel of Wine Experts. As a result, you can look forward to receiving a selection of exclusive wines each month that you won't find in local liquor stores. A proven favourite for gifting - one that keeps giving month after month!

Our Press


  • I couldn’t be happier with the service and will recommend you to my friends!!

    Beth M.
    Wine Club gifter
  • I want to express how much I enjoy being a member of this club. The selection of wines offered are truly exceptional, and I always look forward to the packages arriving. The experience of discovering new and unique wines through this subscription service is a highlight for me. Furthermore, I would like to commend the team for their excellent customer service. It is evident that they genuinely care about their members’ satisfaction.

    Wine Club member
  • A Club subscription was the best gift we ever received, so we now give it to our kids.

    Dorothy G.
    Wine Club gifter
  • We enjoy exploring the wines of Canada.  When we head to the Niagara region, we make sure to stop in at some of the wineries we experienced through the club. Overall, the club is good value and I always look forward to the monthly deliveries.

    Wine Club member
  • It was a gift for my brother and sister in law for Christmas. To be honest I’m not a wine drinker but I started doing this a couple years ago and they absolutely look forward to their wine every year now. They are always so pleased and sometimes know of the winemaker previously. Amazingly easy I will be back again!

    Erin G.
    Wine Club Gifter
  • The Wine Club is an excellent experience. We look forward to the surprise each month and have broadened our appreciation for a new set of wines.

    Wine Club member
  • Really look forward to the surprise of this month’s wines – never disappointed.

    Greg D.
    Wine Club member
  • My parents were so very impressed with the packaging and quality of wine they received.  It was a great gift.  I needed a gift idea for mother’s day and this was perfect.  I will definitely consider doing this again for another gift situation.

    Wine Club gifter
  • I gave a wine club subscription to my sister for her wedding, and they liked it so much they’ve asked for another subscription for Christmas. Done and done!”

    Janet H.
    Wine Club gifter
  • I’ve been a CLUB member for years … Please renew me again!

    Justin J.
    Wine Club member
  • I got my in-laws a 1-year wine club membership last year, and they loved it…so much so that they’ve asked us to extend it again this year. This wine club is definitely a winner!

    Lisa C.
    Wine Club gifter for 2 years running
  • I love my monthly wine club packs! They arrive like clockwork (usually when I’ve just run out of wine) and the tasting notes and pairing suggestions are super helpful.

    Mark J.
    Wine Club customer for 2 years
  • I love wine but had never subscribed to any kind of monthly wine club before. I wasn’t sure if I would like all of the wines each month, I thought it might be like Columbia House in the ’90’s where it’s hit or miss whether you get music that you like! Well, I am happy to say that I continue to be super impressed with the variety and calibre of wines that are included in my monthly wine club packages. I’m a year into my membership and going strong!

    Matt H.
    Wine Club subscriber for 1 year
  • The Wine of the Month Club is a great gift idea and I have found the service to be great. I will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a wine subscription.

    Wine Club gifter
  • A few years ago, I gave my family members 6-month memberships to My Wine Canada’s wine club for Christmas and they loved it. So I repeated the wine club membership gifts the following year. Now it’s just become my Christmas gift tradition – my family loves their monthly wine packages and I can do all my holiday shopping in about 5 minutes!

    Sera B.
    Wine Club gifter for 3 years
  • I used to be a member of a different monthly wine club, but found the service and wines sub par. So I really did my research this time. My Wine Canada’s wine club really impressed me – they are very clear about what’s being delivered each month and the wines are very well selected and high quality. Their tasting notes are also excellent. Plus, they are really flexible – I paused my membership for a month, changed addresses, and switched package types last summer, and it all went without a hitch. I’m very happy with this club and I would definitely recommend it.

    Vivek G.
    Wine Club member since 2014

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