13th Street Winery

We were proud to feature 13th Street Winery in September 2020.

Originally started in 1998, the winery was purchased in 2008 by the current owners: John & June Mann and Doug & Karen Whitty. Both families have deep roots in the Niagara community. 13th Street is well-known for their collection of small-lot, benchmark wines from chardonnay, riesling, gamay noir, and pinot noir, along with superior traditional method sparkling wines.

Winemaker Jean Pierre Colas is one of the most talented French trained winemakers in the business. His winemaking philosophy is quite simple. He believes that great wines come from the best grapes grown in the best vineyards, whereas winemaking techniques are only utilized to supplement and capture the very essence of the grapes’ provenance and character. With this philosophy in mind, J.P. excels at crafting high-quality red wines paramount to the Niagara peninsula: gamay noir, cabernet franc, syrah, and pinot noir. Likewise, J.P. guides the production of exceptional white wines, including world class chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, and gewurztraminer.