Sandhill Wines

We were proud to feature Sandhill in November 2022.

This renowned Kelowna winery has been crafting fine wine since 1997. Each bottle of Sandhill wine is made from one of six unique B.C. vineyards — Sandhill Estate, King Family, Phantom Creek , Osprey Ridge, Hidden Terrace, and Vanessa Vineyard. Each vineyard possesses its own magical combination of soil type, microclimate, exposure, drainage and other geographical idiosyncrasies. The complex, subtle, unique character of each vineyard reveals itself in your glass.

Sandhill’s winemaking techniques are designed to enhance, not interfere with, the naturally occurring fruit flavors in our wines. Two words you will hear frequently from Sandy Leier to describe her winemaking technique are “gentle” and “non-interventionist.” Great fruit, helped along only when necessary using a soft touch, will result in great single vineyard wine from BC.