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Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

We were proud to feature Tinhorn Creek in January 2022.

Tinhorn Creek has been part of the South Okanagan since 1993 – growing grapes, making wine, and having a good laugh whenever we can.

Established in 1993, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards is located just south of Oliver B.C., in the famed Golden Mile wine-growing district. As the number one winery destination evoking classic south Okanagan terroir, Tinhorn Creek proudly offers estate grown wines, growing grapes on both the Black Sage and Golden Mile benches. As the first winery in Canada to support carbon neutral measures, Tinhorn Creek continues their commitment to land stewardship, conservation and environmentally sustainable practices. Tinhorn Creek offers an unrivaled visitor experience along with wines that rank among the best in the world.

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Henry of Pelham

Henry of Pelham Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Henry of Pelham in December 2021.

As a family owned and operated winery, Henry of Pelham is dedicated to producing wines grown from the distinctive soils and climate of the Niagara Peninsula and most specifically the famous and well regarded Short Hills Bench. They are fiercely committed to consistently growing and making only the finest wines by focusing on constant improvements in their vineyards and winery, low yields and wines that have true elegance, finesse and age ability.

One thing unites every wine produced by Henry of Pelham: the land. The Speck family has lived on it for generations. And their vines have been putting down deep roots for decades. Every bottle captures this unique connection to their corner of Niagara. Not just good wine—beautiful wine.

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Sperling Vineyards

Sperling Vineyards

We were proud to feature Sperling Vineyards in November 2021.

Love & Labour since 1925. As BC’s oldest heritage vineyard & home of Canada’s leading organic and biodynamic winegrower, Ann Sperling, Sperling Vineyards is renown for wines of elegance, texture & authenticity. They are proud to produce wines that honour their heritage and celebrate their long family history in Kelowna. Four generations in the making, Sperling’s estate vineyards feature high elevation slopes & mineral rich soils on the east benches of Kelowna which come to life through their old vines & carefully crafted wines. Certified organic since 2017.

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Lang Vineyards

Lang Vineyards

We were proud to feature Lang Vineyards in October 2021.

Lang Vineyards is a premier, boutique winery located on the famed Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley. They are British Columbia’s first farm-gate winery and home to the oldest vines on the Naramata Bench. A distinguished pedigree of a quarter century of producing top wines in almost every category from perfect varietals to expertly balanced blends, has earned the winery a leading reputation in the industry. The Lang Vineyards team is dedicated to showcasing finely crafted wines across a broad range of palates from dry to sweet and light to full bodied, encompassing white, red, rosé and dessert wines.

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Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Sue-Ann Staff in September 2021.

Acclaimed winemaker Sue-Ann Staff vinifies on her family’s 200-year-old Niagara Escarpment estate in Jordan, Ontario. Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery, home of the Fancy Farm Girl wines, is the ultimate assemblage blending over 100 years of grape-growing experience (including two Grape King titles) with Sue-Ann’s internationally acclaimed winemaking. Famous for her icewines, you’ll also find award-winning pinot gris, riesling, cabernet franc, chardonnay, baco noir, and sparkling wines.

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Stratus Vineyards -

Stratus Vineyards

We were proud to feature Stratus Vineyards in August 2021.

Located in the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Stratus Vineyards is a gravity flow winery, distinguished by its LEED-certified facility, its commitment to sustainability and wines of outstanding quality.

Known as one of Niagara’s winemaking pioneers, J-L (Jean-Laurent) Groux brought his vision of creating premium New World wines through the Old World art of assemblage to Stratus. Using the vineyard as his palette, he creates complexity through diversity by blending several grape varieties into one layered and richly textured wine. J-L crafts his wines to have powerful aromatics, a round mouthfeel, complexity, significant length and the capability of aging at least seven to 10 years. This allows wine lovers to taste the benefits of patience and time.

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Kalala Organic Estate Winery

Kalala Organic Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Kalala Organic Estate Winery in July 2021.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery is a producer of wines made with 100% certified organic grapes, located on the upper bench of West Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

The results are in every bottle of their award-winning BC VQA wines: The balance between fruit and acidity, perfect aging, body and flavour true-to-varietal. Kalala produces light-to-crisp white wines, bold red wines, and has one of the largest portfolios of organic icewines in British Columbia.

Certified organic in September 2010, Kalala’s philosophy is to allow the varietal characteristics and terroir to be truly expressed and enhanced by minimal handling during winemaking. In 2020, the B.C. Grape Growers’ Association presented its inaugural Viticulturist of the Year award to Karnail. The award is given to individuals in the BC grape growing industry who strive to grow the very best wine grapes.

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Kacaba Vineyards -

Kacaba Vineyards

We were proud to feature Kacaba Vineyards in June 2021.

Kacaba Vineyards Winery is a premium small batch winery located on prime bench land of the Niagara Escarpment in Vineland, Ontario. Smaller batch sizes assure that focus is placed on producing wine of merit. The winemaker’s emphasis is placed on creating wines rich in aromas, deep in color and character with velvety finishes.

Kacaba wines are produced using only the finest grapes grown on the Kacaba estate or partnered grape growers from surrounding vineyards. Kacaba Vineyards wines are award winning and sell through quickly.

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Hillside Winery

Hillside Winery

We were proud to feature Hillside Winery in May 2021.

Located in the heart of the Naramata Bench wine region. Founded in 1984, Hillside Winery is one of the original farm-gate wineries in the area.

Unique, small-lot, and terroir-driven are terms best used to describe our wines. Our focus is showcasing hand-crafted wine made exclusively from Naramata grown grapes. Hillside wines display unique and compelling characteristics allowing wine drinkers the opportunity to share in the discovery and development of the Naramata Bench as a collection of serious terroirs.

Veteran winemaker, Kathy Malone, brings out the best in Hillside wines with a gentle touch and minimal intervention. Simple. Elegant.

Using only the best fruit exclusively from the Naramata Bench, known for its complex soil, long days of sunlight and older vines, Hillside produces award winning compelling wines.

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SpearHead Winery

SpearHead Winery

We were proud to feature SpearHead Winery in April 2021.

SpearHead Winery is located on the benchlands of South East Kelowna. Their focus is on premium quality wine which is produced from grapes grown on their estate vineyard and from selected Okanagan Valley vineyards. The hand harvested grapes are sorted at the winery and fermented in small lots.

SpearHead’s vineyard and winemaking teams are led by Grant Stanley. A highly respected BC winemaker, Grant showcases specific terroirs of the Central Okanagan Valley as evident in the ‘single vineyard’ program they have developed for their pinot noir bottlings.  These wines display the unique attributes of the Okanagan vineyards that they were sourced from. They also produce blended pinot noirs which combine the characteristics of different vineyards, including their benchmark Cuvée. They have extended this exclusive approach to winemaking to other varietals including their Chardonnay which is made from a single clone.

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Gold Hill Winery

Gold Hill Winery

We were proud to feature Gold Hill Winery in March 2021.

Established in 2009, Gold Hill is a family-operated winery. Gold Hill’s focus has been to produce wines that reflect the charm of the South Okanagan. With over three decades of farming in the Okanagan, the Gill Brothers believe great wines start with understanding the unique terrior each of the vineyard sites and the Okanagan offers.

Gold Hill focuses on Bordeaux varietals well suited to the warm climate of the South Okanagan, with attention on Cabernet Franc as the flagship varietal. Cabernet Franc has quickly become the preeminent varietal in the portfolio, with a loyal following. Gold Hill arrived on the scene with a bang, receiving the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in BC Wines with their first official release, a 2009 Cabernet Franc, and numerous prestigious awards have followed.

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Villa Bacchus Winery

Commisso Estate Winery (Villa Bacchus Winery)

We were proud to feature Commisso Estate Winery (Villa Bacchus Winery) in February 2021.

Commisso Estate Winery is proud to offer the highest quality, VQA wine on the market today. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each bottle. We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

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Tender Hope Winery

Tender Hope Winery

We were proud to feature Tender Hope Winery in January 2021.

Wine is made in the vineyard. Here at Tender Hope Winery we stay true to this statement. We let the fruit shine and make wines that reflect the taste and smell of the land the grapes grew on. We use traditional winemaking methods and minimum intervention with the natural process of winemaking and ageing, letting the wines mature naturally.

Winemaker Efi Perel started growing grapes and making wine 25 years ago and has experience growing grapes and making wine in both hot and cool climates. In BC, he has worked for wineries like Summerhill, Nagging Doubt and First R.O.W, and has grown Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer grapes. Through their wines, he strives to take you on the adventure that is their special vineyard sites, grape varieties, and micro climates.

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December Wine Club PondView

PondView Estate Winery

We were proud to feature PondView Estate Winery in December 2020.

Nestled amongst the sprawling vineyards of the prestigious Four Mile Creek sub-appellation, PondView Estate Winery sits on a 50 acre grape farm that has been tended to by the Puglisi family since 1974.

The family-owned winery is headed by Luciano (Lou) Puglisi who draws on grape-growing knowledge and experience that has been handed down from one generation to the next. As you sip any one of PondView’s wines, you are tasting three generations of grape-growing and winemaking experience.

Lou’s enthusiasm and respect for the winemaking process, alongside his dedication and commitment to excellence, earned him the prestigious title of Grape King in 2008, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture to the finest vineyard operator in Ontario.

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Winemaker's CUT - November 2020

Winemaker’s CUT

We were proud to feature Winemaker’s CUT in November 2020.

Like a director’s cut, an edited version of a film that represents the director’s unique point of view, Winemaker’s CUT is influenced by the winemaker and their unique styling/blending of an Okanagan wine.

The grapes that shape CUT wines are hand-harvested at Deadman Lake Vineyard just south of Oliver, BC. With utmost respect to nature, while honoring traditional winemaking methods, sustainable farming, and a zero pesticides policy with low sulphur use, CUT wines develop naturally and express characteristics indicative of this unique Okanagan vineyard.

It is in appreciation of art and harmony that classical music echoes in the vineyard and cellar where the winemaker captures an accumulation of moments and composes quality wines.

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Sandhill Wines - October 2020 wine club feature

Sandhill Wines

We were proud to feature Sandhill Wines in October 2020.

Each bottle of Sandhill wine is made from grapes that come from one of six unique BC vineyards – Sandhill Estate, King Family, Phantom Creek , Osprey Ridge, Hidden Terrace, and Vanessa Vineyard. Each and every vineyard possesses its own magical combination of soil type, microclimate, exposure, drainage and other geographical idiosyncrasies. The complex, subtle, unique character of each vineyard reveals itself in your glass.

Sandhill’s winemaking techniques are designed to enhance, not interfere with, the naturally occurring fruit flavors in our wines. Two words you will hear frequently from Sandy Leier to describe her winemaking technique are “gentle” and “non-interventionist.” Great fruit, helped along only when necessary using a soft touch, will result in great single vineyard wine from BC.

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13th Street Wines

13th Street Winery

We were proud to feature 13th Street Winery in September 2020.

Originally started in 1998, the winery was purchased in 2008 by the current owners: John & June Mann and Doug & Karen Whitty. Both families have deep roots in the Niagara community. 13th Street is well-known for their collection of small-lot, benchmark wines from chardonnay, riesling, gamay noir, and pinot noir, along with superior traditional method sparkling wines.

Winemaker Jean Pierre Colas is one of the most talented French trained winemakers in the business. His winemaking philosophy is quite simple. He believes that great wines come from the best grapes grown in the best vineyards, whereas winemaking techniques are only utilized to supplement and capture the very essence of the grapes’ provenance and character. With this philosophy in mind, J.P. excels at crafting high-quality red wines paramount to the Niagara peninsula: gamay noir, cabernet franc, syrah, and pinot noir. Likewise, J.P. guides the production of exceptional white wines, including world class chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, and gewurztraminer.

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August Featured Winery - TIME Winery & Evolve Cellars

TIME Winery & Evolve Cellars

We were proud to feature TIME Winery & Evolve Cellars in August 2020.

TIME Winery is located in the heart of wine country in downtown Penticton. It is home to their family of wines: TIME Winery, Evolve Cellars, and the McWatters Collection. With 50 vintages of experience in the South Okanagan, the team knows that their unique terroir can offer the right wine to celebrate any occasion. They are committed to creating wines that express the unique flavours of Okanagan wine country.

They craft their wines using grapes grown in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Nature guides their decisions on which grape varieties are best suited to which site. For them, making wine is about time and place. It’s investing their time: documenting and studying each vintage, paying attention to the vines, and noting that which is discernible only when we take a moment to pause. It also means respecting the land: using mindful farming practices, employing new technologies to reduce their environmental footprint, and listening for the unique qualities of the region’s terroir.

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Marynissen Estates Winery

Marynissen Estates Winery

We were proud to feature Marynissen Estates Winery in July 2020.

Marynissen Estates has its roots deeply embedded in the soil of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Located in the Four Mile Creek sub appellation, the estate is home to the oldest commercial planting of Cabernet Sauvignon in Canada. The property, an old pig barn, was purchased in 1953 by viticulture pioneer John Marynissen and his wife Adrianna. John and Adrianna began growing their own grapes in 1976, planting the classic European vinifera grape varietals Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Merlot and Gamay Noir.

At Marynissen Estates, we focus on small-lot winemaking showcasing our wines in a rustic yet modern style. We focus on gentle handling at each stage of the winemaking process to ensure wine of the highest quality and value. We want to pay respect to our deep history while continuing to learn, grow and move our winemaking forward.

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Lunessence Winery

Lunessence Winery & Vineyard

We were proud to feature Lunessence Winery in June 2020.

Lunessence Winery & Vineyard honours a commitment to crafting fine wines which showcase the unique terroir of the Okanagan Valley.

We believe in sustainable, environmentally sensitive viticulture, respecting the vineyard as a living and varied ecosystem. Each bottle is a proud expression of the earth it came from. The powerful yet soothing notes of classical music reverberate throughout our winery. It is our belief that exposure to classical music helps produce well-balanced wines.

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Upper Bench Winery - May 2020 Feature

Upper Bench Winery

We were proud to feature Upper Bench Winery in May 2020.

Located just outside of Penticton’s downtown core at the gateway to the Naramata Bench, Upper Bench offers a unique opportunity to experience our two passions: wine and cheese. Award-winning winemaker, Gavin Miller, believes great wine is grown in the vineyard.  Upper Bench’s hand-tended vines are meticulously farmed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  Upper Bench is known for producing big, bold reds and crisp, dry whites that reflect the vintage and soil from the vineyards where they are grown. Upper Bench’s grapes are sourced from our own seven acre Estate vineyard and select growers along the famous Naramata Bench in the South Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada.

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Red Rooster Winery - April 2020 Feature -

Red Rooster Winery

We were proud to feature Red Rooster in April 2020.

Perched high above Okanagan Lake, our winery is located among the rolling hills of Naramata Bench Road. Our engaging and, at times, offbeat approach gives a certain proud flair to everything we do. Not surprisingly, our wines consistently receive top honours at major wine competitions around the world. Not to mention, the 6 Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence under our belts.

Our wines are crafted with a gentle approach and minimal intervention during the winemaking process. While specific processes vary from varietal to varietal, all of our wines are fruit forward, intending to bring out the best features of the Okanagan. All are ready to drink now.

Our reserve wines, however, have fuller-bodies and more structure, which makes them suitable for putting away.

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Gray Monk Estate Winery -

Gray Monk Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Gray Monk in March 2020.

A true expression of BC wine. Built upon tradition and generations of commitment, Gray Monk stands proudly overlooking Okanagan Lake, with stunning panoramic views of mountains and vineyards, it offers a true taste of Okanagan living. They offer one-of-a-kind, award-winning BC VQA wines – including their number one selling Pinot Gris.

Gray Monk was established in 1972 by George and Trudy Heiss. Today, they have over fifty acres of lush vineyards overlooking Lake Okanagan, which produce some of the world’s finest wines.

See Tasting Notes for Gray Monk Estate Winery
Two Sisters Vineyards - February Wine Club Feature

Two Sisters Vineyards

We were proud to feature Two Sisters in February 2020.

Two Sisters Vineyards is located in the warm, Niagara River VQA sub-appellation adjacent to historic Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake. The magnificent landmark winery includes some 130 acres of expertly managed vines and offers engaging tours and tastings, superb dining at Kitchen76 and a concierge wine club with exceptional services and experiences.

Committed to a philosophy of low yields and dedicated sustainable farming practices, they are devoted to producing premium Ontario wines recognized alongside the best not only in Canada, but on the world stage. When combined with meticulous attention by respected winemaker Adam Pearce, the estate produces wines of remarkable power, finesse and elegance. It is especially recognized for its complex, age-worthy reds. In 2018 the winery was awarded ‘Best Performing Small Winery of the Year’ at the National Wine Awards of Canada.

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Rosewood Estates Winery

Rosewood Estates Winery

We were proud to feature Rosewood in January 2020.

Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery is an award winning boutique winery located on the Beamsville Bench. Family owned and operated, Rosewood is proud to produce 100% VQA Ontario wines and the first honey wines in Niagara.

Our focus is simple. Craft honest low-intervention wine, innovative mead, and local honey that reflect their individuality as artifacts of the Niagara Region. By capturing the expression of each vintage, we allow the wine to tell its own story. Welcome to the journey.

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December wine club feature - Malivoire Wine

Malivoire Wine Company

We were proud to feature Malivoire in December 2019.

Since planting its first vineyard in 1996, Malivoire has pioneered an innovative, eco-centric approach to wine growing on the Beamsville Bench in the Niagara Peninsula. Malivoire considers itself more a grower than a maker of wines – our philosophy is that the vineyard is where wine is given its life and soul.

Expert winemaker Shiraz Mottiar personifies Malivoire’s founding philosophy: that excellence as a winery begins with healthy soil and vines, and depends on minimal human manipulation of the fruit and its wine. Shiraz and the Malivoire winemaking team craft a spectacular portfolio of wines that include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Old Vines Foch, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot, among many others.

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Moraine November Wine Club Feature

Moraine Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Moraine Estate Winery in November 2019.

Moraine is a family-owned winery and vineyard overlooking Okanagan Lake, located just minutes from the city of Penticton. From its shelf-like location above striking clay bluffs, Moraine peers over the landscape and water. These iconic glaciated white clay cliffs comprise the breathtaking Naramata Bench and inspire the winery’s land-formed name. The western exposure of the vineyards permits the vines to capture every ray of sunlight from mid-morning to nightfall, and this, combined with a cooling breeze, delivers beautifully ripe and flavourful grapes. Moraine’s winemaker Dwight Sick produces a superb lineup of fresh, elegant, fruit-driven wines of distinction.

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Trail Estate Winery -

Trail Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Trail Estate Winery in October 2019.

We let nature guide the winemaking process at our Prince Edward County winery. Winemaker Mackenzie Brisbois aims for honesty inside the bottle—whether it be our Skin-Ferment Riesling, Orange Wine, Pét Nat Sparkling, soulfully complex Unfiltered Chardonnay, or barrel-aged varietals. We use wild ferments (indigenous yeasts) and leave many of our artisanal wines whole and unfiltered without the use of additional enzymes or tannins. Each wine tells the story of site and vintage with unabashed honesty and is never the same year-to-year (nor should it be). Each wine should be surprising, textural and soulful; not predictable. We take this credo to heart and hold back a large ratio of past vintages in our library. As each wine ages, the artisanal nature of each wine becomes apparent.

See Tasting Notes for Trail Estate Winery
The Hatch - Wine of the Month Club

The Hatch

We were proud to feature The Hatch in September 2019.

The Hatch is a place where many forms of art come together in celebration. Through our rustic shack, we embrace the eccentricities of grape growing, wine making, living, and drinking with our unconventional, yet extraordinary endeavors. The wines are a liquid art collaboration with unique growers and the singularity of their land. The home of hatch, Black Swift, Screaming Frenzy, Crown + Thieves, and Gobsmacked.

See Tasting Notes for The Hatch
Closson Chase Vineyards

Closson Chase Vineyards

We were proud to feature Closson Chase Vineyards in August 2019.

Closson Chase is a quality-driven winery that helped spearhead the birth of the Prince Edward County wine industry, using centuries-old European traditions & sustainable, innovative techniques to create world-class wines using only the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris grapes.

An early advocate for sustainable practices, Closson Chase crafts fine wines that reflect each individual vintage, capturing the distinct qualities imparted by the soil and climatic variations of the year.

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July Wine Club Feature - Black Hills Estate Winery

Black Hills Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Black Hills Estate Winery in July 2019.

Black Hills Estate Winery was established in 1996 and is an ultra-premium winery located on the acclaimed Black Sage Bench. The site on which our vineyard sits has been recognized as one of the most exceptional in Canada.

Black Hills Winery proudly presents wines that have been carefully hand-crafted from vineyard to bottle. Their terroir-centric Rhone and Bordeaux varietal wines are given meticulous attention through each step of the process from barrel aging to blending and bottling. The winemaking team is deliberate in their selection of the best blocks for their premier wines, constantly monitoring and tasting throughout the aging process.

Read more about Black Hills and the wines included in this month’s packages on our Blog.

See Tasting Notes for Black Hills Estate Winery
Orofino Vineyards

Orofino Vineyards

We were proud to feature Orofino Vineyards in June 2019.

We are in love with the Similkameen Valley. The diverse terroir within the steep mountain walls range from rich sandy loam soils on top of endless gravel to blistering hot sites full of angular granite rocks. This diversity makes for interesting wines that tell a story of where they are born.

Our wines stand out because of the seasoned farmers who are dedicated to producing the best grapes possible from their special vineyard sites. We work closely with each grower and have chosen to partner with them because of their mad skills and their particular terroir. Their work is acknowledged on the many single vineyard designated wines that we produce.

See Tasting Notes for Orofino Vineyards

Sperling Vineyards

We were proud to feature Sperling Vineyards in May 2019.

Ann Sperling brings 25 years of international winemaking experience home to the vineyard she grew up on. Combining love and labour with the blessing of Okanagan sunshine, Ann takes pride in crafting elegant wines of character from the Sperling family estate and continues a cherished tradition begun by her great grandparents over 150 years ago.

Working with family members to steward the nurture of the land and energy of the sun, Ann sculpts the grapes to bring you unique wines of great distinction – a crowning complement to a career that has spanned coast-to-coast and as far afield as South Africa and Argentina in pursuit of winemaking excellence. Combining Love and Labour Since 1925.

See Tasting Notes for Sperling Vineyards

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

We were proud to feature Summerhill Pyramid Winery in April 2019.

Organic practices have been an integral part of Summerhill since the Kelowna vineyard was purchased by the Cipes family in 1986. Producing wine organically has a very meaningful benefit to the environment, and some scientists suggest that eating organic foods greatly benefits our health as well. Aside from these benefits, we believe that organic practices allow for the grapes in our vineyards to honestly express their surroundings, providing deep, terroir-driven qualities that are a true articulation of Okanagan terroir.

Summerhill is committed to producing 100% organic wine, and has received Demeter Biodynamic certification for our Kelowna vineyard in 2012. Certified organic status was achieved in our cellar in 2007, allowing us to display the Canadian certified organic logo on our bottles, ensuring that a level of quality and purity can be expected by the consumer.

See Tasting Notes for Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Red Rooster Winery

We were proud to feature Red Rooster Winery in March 2019.

Perched high above Okanagan Lake, our winery is located among the rolling hills of Naramata Bench Road. Our engaging and, at times, offbeat approach gives a certain proud flair to everything we do. Not surprisingly, our wines consistently receive top honours at major wine competitions around the world. Not to mention, the 6 Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence under our belts.

Our wines are crafted with a gentle approach and minimal intervention during the winemaking process. While specific processes vary from varietal to varietal, all of our wines are fruit forward, intending to bring out the best features of the Okanagan. All are ready to drink now.

Our reserve wines, however, have fuller-bodies and more structure, which makes them suitable for putting away.

See Tasting Notes for Red Rooster Winery

Southbrook Vineyards

We were proud to feature Southbrook Vineyards in February 2019.

Southbrook Vineyards is the epitome and evolution of Bill Redelmeier’s love story with wine, the land, and all things “local.” The winery is situated on a 150-acre vineyard in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula wine region of Ontario, Canada. We produce organic and biodynamic wines that earn recognition, from critics and consumers alike, year after year.

From their purchase of the Niagara-on-the-Lake vineyard in 2005, the Redelmeiers committed their energies to sustainable viticulture. By 2008, they had created the first wine estate in Canada to earn both organic and biodynamic certification for its vineyard and winery.

At Southbrook we make every effort to live in harmony with the land. From our biodynamic, organic vineyard we produce fine age-worthy wines, most notably Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, classic Bordeaux blends and Chardonnays.

See Tasting Notes for Southbrook Vineyards

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Ravine Vineyard in January 2019.

Although we’re sure that every farm family feels the same about their 34 acre organic winery, at Ravine, we believe that ours is truly unique. Perhaps it’s because of our approach to family. Our goal was to create a sustainable way to maintain our 100+ year old farm and continue to foster the legacy of our family upon it. To do this we had to create interest, follow dreams and finds ways to continue to fall in love — with the land and each other.

Ravine is a paradise within a fabric of tastes, experiences, scenes and sounds across 34 acres of beautiful rolling vineyard. Using biodynamics and sustainability as a philosophy to farming, the enhanced quality and flavours in both our small batch premium wines and fresh food products is something we are proud of and very eager to share.

See Tasting Notes for Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery
Henry Of Pelham

Henry of Pelham Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Henry of Pelham in December 2018.

Henry of Pelham Winery is family owned and located in the Short Hills Bench of the Niagara Peninsula. Henry Smith, son of our original Canadian ancestor (Nicholas Smith ca.1778, fifer in the Revolutionary War) took his name from the toll-road which ran across his property. He built an inn, tavern and planted our first vineyards. As children we restored his vineyards to match artisanal grape growing to artisanal wine making.

They produce both still and sparkling wines and their most famous regional specialty, Icewine. Varietal, Reserve and Speck Family Reserve are the three tiers of still wines they produce centered on Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Baco Noir and Cabernet-Merlot. Smaller production Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Gamay and assemblage style rose at the Varietal level.

See Tasting Notes for Henry of Pelham Estate Winery
Bench 1775

Bench 1775 Winery

We were proud to feature Bench 1775 Winery in November 2018.

There’s something very special about life on the Bench.

Found in the heart of wine country in beautiful British Columbia, Bench 1775 is located on the southern shore of Lake Okanagan. Named after the address of our winery, 1775 Naramata Road, along the beautiful Naramata Bench, Bench 1775 Winery is a celebration of land and place. Wines from Bench 1775 are produced with the unique expression of fruit grown in the Okanagan Valley from three vineyard locations: Oxbow Vineyard, on the original Golden Mile in Osoyoos, South Okanagan, and at Paradise Ranch Vineyard and Soaring Eagle Vineyard in the Central Okanagan.

See Tasting Notes for Bench 1775 Winery

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

We were proud to feature Tinhorn Creek Vineyards in October 2018.

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards was founded by Kenn and Sandra Oldfield and Bob and Barb Shaunessy in 1993 with a focus on growing the best grapes, making great wine, and having fun whenever we can.

Located just south of Oliver B.C., in the famed Golden Mile wine-growing district. As the number one winery destination evoking classic south Okanagan terroir, Tinhorn Creek proudly offers estate grown wines, growing grapes on both the Black Sage and Golden Mile benches. As the first winery in Canada to support carbon neutral measures, Tinhorn Creek continues their commitment to land stewardship, conservation and environmentally sustainable practices. Tinhorn Creek offers an unrivaled visitor experience along with wines that rank among the best in the world.

See Tasting Notes for Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

London Born Wine Co.

We were proud to feature London Born Wine Co in September 2018.

When you think London, you might not think wine…but we do! Our family has come a long way to make the wine we love, right here in Canada. Wine that people love to drink and wine we love to share!

London Born is owned and operated by the Hoare family who are originally from London, England. Our historic 1800’s 50-acre estate, “Highland Vineyard” was purchased in 2007 and at that time the farm’s principal crop was Concord grapes used for making juice. Since then we have removed these vines, keeping two rows for prosperity and have installed drainage and irrigation to the north of the farm where we have planted vinifera vines with our first vintages released in 2010. Our varieties are Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Riesling. We have kept the existing 50+ year old Marechal Foch vines with their small crop of grapes; the care given these produces an intensely flavoured, satisfying full-bodied wine.

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Play Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Play Estate Winery in August 2018.

For years the Pechet Family and Sommelier, Mohamed Awad dreamt of establishing a beautiful winery offering high-quality wines and gorgeous views of the Okanagan. In the summer of 2016 that dream became a reality and the winery marks the starting point of the South Okanagan wine region.

Play Estate Winery puts a modern twist and adds a touch of drama to elegant and diverse wines. Play Estate also boasts iconic architecture, a 14-acre vineyard, and a unique portfolio. Their varietals include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Muscat, Viognier, and more.

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St Hubertus

St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery

We were proud to feature St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery in July 2018.

The St Hubertus & Oak Bay Vineyards were originally planted in 1928 By J.W. Hughes during a time when agricultural land was plentiful. Since 1984 the Gebert Family has used sustainable farming practices to produce 100% estate grown wines that reflect the terroir of the North Okanagan Valley, to show off the complexity associated with the old world, but with the clean fresh fruit flavours of the new world.

The result is a collection of authentic and memorable wines under the St Hubertus and Oak Bay labels.

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Huff Estates Wine

Huff Estates

We were proud to feature Huff Estates in June 2018.

Huff Estates was founded in 2002 and officially opened it’s doors in 2004. Huff Estates Winery was constructed with one thing in mind – producing high quality wines. The state-of-the-art facility has its crush pad and fermentation tanks sitting on top of a hill allowing for a natural gravity flow into the barrels below.

Huff will continue to share its family passion and history of the land by producing exceptional wines sourced from well-maintained vines complemented with the finest of winemaking expertise.

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Perseus Wines

Perseus Winery

We were proud to feature Perseus Winery in May 2018.

Perseus takes their name from the Perseus constellation which hovers over their estate vineyard during harvest. This collection of stars overlooks their region, much in the way the winery covers the Okanagan Valley searching for the finest grapes.

Located in Penticton BC at the foot of the Naramata Bench, they are passionate about showcasing the diversity of the land through honest and delectable wines.

Most notably, Perseus produces their flagship red, ‘Invictus’. Recipient of a 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s award as well as several international Platinum wine awards, this Bordeaux style blend is indicative of the potential Okanagan wines can achieve.

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